.. that developers tell.

  1. All the documentation you'd need is in the test cases.
  2. My comments are really clear and detailed.

3. I'm really interested and committed to having really good documentation.

  1. This code is easy to read because its so procedural.
  2. This doesn't really need documentation.

6. I've developed a really powerful way to extract documentation from this code.

  1. The documentation is up to date.
  2. We've tested this and nothing's changed.
  3. This behavior hasn't changed, and wouldn't affect users anyway.
  4. The error message is clear.

11. This entire document needs to be rewritten to account for this change.

  1. You can document this structure with a pretty clear table.

Often this is true, more often these kinds of comments assume that it's possible to convey 3-5 dimension matrixes clearly on paper/computer screens.

  1. I can do that.
  2. I will do that.
  3. No one should need to understand.