I have a bunch of links that have been hanging around too long, that I'd like to share with you, so here they are. Enjoy!

  • Distrust Simplicity is a great short form blog, that I'm really liking.
  • The Singularity Summit is a cyborg/futurist event that a reader wrote me a note about a rather long time ago. If you're interested in the singularity and issues and ideas related to that.
  • Hypo a literate programing (with org-babel) based asset management system for game development. (hypo example.
  • Common Lisp Support in Org-Babel. I feel like there's probably a joke here.
  • Mango.io a markdown-based CMS, using Python tools. I'm not sure if it's the kind of thing that I'm likely to ever want to use myself but it's an idea.
  • A New York Times Article about Podcasting and Leo Laporte's TWiT Network While the content of this article is interesting in it's own right, there are a couple of "bigger" picture things happening. First, the old media (i.e. "the Times") covering the new media (i.e. "TWiT,") is always interesting. Secondly, and less obviously, it's interesting how the biggest successes in the "New Media," are by veterans of the "Old Media," (like Laporte, who had a career in Radio and television before doing TWiT.)
  • Social Text Journal: The Dramatic Face of Wikileaks, is a meta-meta-meta look at wikileaks and the "new media" moment that it represents.