So I'm off in a few to go visit with my grandmother who has recent had a knee replacement. (Indeed this means that the blog has been down one reader for a few weeks--rehab centers not having wifi and all--and likely will for another week and some change.) While there is high speed internet (how do you think said grandmother reads the blog,) my posting time might be a little bit sparse. [1]

My goal is to post the first bread crumb of the latvian dreaming tonight.

I did want to share a couple of links that I've been collecting over the past few days and weeks.

  • sockpr0n's schacht matchless
  • This blog posting has some useful info on "hybrid" double drive setup, where you can do double drive with two separate bands rather than one band. This means you can have a finer degree of control over tension like you would with a break band, except with the evenness of double drive. Rock. On.
  • y knit - I started listening to this as I was spinning with my mother this morning before getting ready to go. It's great. Perfect length, great guys (hi mike!), nice insight. I'm generally pretty nonplussed towards the Stitch and Bitch stuff (the "consumer feminism" wigs me out, as does the hipster stuff.) but hearing Debbie Stoller talk makes me like her more, even if the aura isn't something I"m into. I suspect I'm the last person to be getting into this (I'm generally 3 months behind on getting into new podcasts, at least), but if you're not listening to this one, work on it.
  • Tea Gadget - I got an email from the marketing department of this company, that makes this portable loose leaf tea brewing thing. I think the website might be an interesting place to start a semiotic study of advertising, and the contraption looks interesting. I'm not sure if it's right for me, but you might be different. I think getting this email either means that I've arrived, or I'm officially passed my prime.

Anyway. Looks like that's all the news that's fit to sing.

Brownie points to the first person to figure that one out. That isn't family. ;)

Onward and Upward!

[1]Which of course means that I'll have lots of time to write and post 6 entries this weekend. These things have been known to happen.