Well my computer drama continues, though there's an end in sight. That's a comforting thing, and I'll write more about that when things get more sorted out. For now, it's time for Link and Think.

The basic idea, is that on December 1st, website owners do the same thing they usuually do, except they talk about HIV/AIDS. So if you write a techie blog, then instead of posting news in mircochip development, you post news about retroviral drug development, or in the case of TealArt, we blabber esotericaly for a page or two before going to bed.

I've had lots of thoughts, trying to get some sort of entry together, and perhaps this is part of the reason I'm waiting until now. I wanted to say something about the upcoming Angels in America production on HBO, that I think is going to be very powerful, and has the potential to open some eyes. I wanted to say something about our perceptions of HIV/AIDS in terms of people who live with it. The impact of treatment, and the things we don't talk about. (the drugs, the strain that it puts on family/friends, the durration and length). I wanted to at least make a point about realistic sex education, and the extent to which abstanance-only education only helps the virus. How heterosexim and homophobia force people into their closets, where transmission rates are huge.

But I guess, instead of being wordy, I'm going to let you do the thinking. Now you've seen what I'm thinking about, I'd like to know what's on your mind. Part of this project in my mind, is that it brings discusssion of AIDS into an enviroment where it wouldn't be discussed. So talk about HIV/AIDS, and think about it. Everyone has to deal with this epidemic somehow, and we could all afford a few brains cells for a good cause.