So I've noticed that my impulse on these shorter blog posts (codas) that I tend to just do my normal essay thing only shorter, which is more of an old habit than it is something productive or intentional. Weird. To help break out of this bad habit, I'm going to post some links that I've collected recently.

I saw a couple of articles on user experience issues that piqued my interest, perhaps they'll pique yours as well: Agile Product Desgin on Agile Development and UX Practice and On Technology, User Experience and the need for Creative Technologists.

Cheetah Template Engine for Python. This isn't an announcement but I've been toying around with the idea of reimplementing Jekyll in python (to learn, because I like python more than Ruby). Cheetah seems to be the template engine for python that looks the coolest/best. I need to read more about it, of course

I didn't get to go to Drupal Con (alas), but there were a few sessions that piqued my interest, or at least that I'd like to look into mostly because the presenters are people I know/watch/respect: Sacha Chua's Rocking your Development Environment Liza Kindred's Bussiness and Open Source James Walker's Why I Hate Drupal.

Sacha's because I'm always interested in how developers work, and we have emacs in common. Liza's because Open Source business models are really (perversely) fascinating, even if I think the Drupal world is much less innovative (commercially) than you'd initially think. Finally, given how grumpy I'm prone to being, how could walkah's talk not be on my list?

Anyone have something good for me?