• Agile Authoring: Collaborative Writing with SVN It's a good introduction to SVN that I think I'll probably pass on to the first person that wants to write a paper with me. Also, it has the most clear description of how merging/conflict resolution happens. I think if I were collaborating with people and I'd want to use git, though.
  • unphotographable There's something about this site, pictures that didn't get taken are described in 150-300 words, that strikes me as so very Internet circa late 1990s in an endearing sort of way. Poet friends might be entertained or horrified. Cant decide which.
  • feminist sf blog - I'm going to start blogging every now and then to this group blog on feminist science fiction. I've been reading it for many many months, and I really like what this blog does, and I'm looking forward to contributing. It also means that that I won't post quite so obsessively here, but then you never know.
  • tealArt micro - the microblogging thing that I wrote about a few days ago, is almost ironed out for prime time in the new system. Now I just need to get the rest of the site setup.

Late Breaking news: Positive feedback from a graduate school program that I'm pretty excited about. Nothing definitive. More news as it develops (slowly.)