For your consideration:

  • Paul Grahm on the Future of Publishing, which is of corse pretty darn spot on. Follow up, I guess to this link from the last link dump post. I think it's generally true to say that the "post-publishing" world is here, as most writers/content producers--or the young and successful ones at any rate--are already working in post-publishing business models.
  • SF Signal Mind-Meld about Short Fiction Anthologies. In a lot of ways I think short fiction "anthologies" are a great thing and answer a lot of needs in publishing. It's a sustainable way to publish short fiction (in the way that magazines aren't terribly,) anthologies have the potential to be greater than the sum of their parts (and thus better than single author short story collection.) And they're typically great fun to read. The aforelinked article does a great job of showing the thought process of the editors and anthologists that make these collections possible.
  • Organic Memory Transfer and neurotechology, I'm more interested in the limitations of input/output than in the "brute power" problems that Katz raises in this article, but its interesting.
  • The Professionalization of blogging As an independent blogger myself, this article seems to mostly be true, though I'm not particularly happy about it, I must say. I'm interested in how the rise of the "big professional blog" integrates with the ongoing collapse of the media industry.
  • Rough Type - Questioning Accidentalism I seem to be on a "posting links about the media today." This one, is pretty historiographical, which is an approach to this "evolution of media" topics that I approve of with great vigor. I just wish there were a way to sort of say to the world, "lets do something different this time." Alas.
  • Gender in the Free Software World no matter how far away from Women's Studies and "gender stuff," it seems to follow me. That said, this article, which comments on some gender-related activism, if we can use that word, out of the FSF. The news is a bit old at this point (old links are old,) but I think the analysis here is pretty much spot on, and I'm not sure if I have anything that I could add to this. Go read. Also this which I'm still reading/groking thinking about.

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