So as part of my scheme to be more productive I use a system of .tasks files that contain lists of things that need doing. because the file begins with a dot, they're "hidden," because this is the designation for hidden files and folders in UNIX systems, of which OS X is one. The other nice thing is that I can keep my lists out of the way, but very connected to the project files that I'm working on, without much fuss.

I have one of these lists in my blogging folder, with subjects that I'd like to cover at some point on the blog. Posts that need written, posts that are written and queued for posting. Posts that are in draft status.

And I use a little program called "GeekTool" that displays the blogging todo list, among others, on my desktop, and I look at these files from time to time.

In the blogging "posts to write" section of the file there are eight or nine posts that I often think "you know I should write," so I go and open a new text file, get everything ready to write a post. And I start writing.

And I totally write about what I just finished reading, or my grating urge to get a new computer, or something funny I just saw and forget to muse for a while on impostor syndrome, or the problem with knitting sleeves.


This post wasn't on that list either.


tycho out.