I've talked about this before, but it seems like a perfect explanation for my recent absence from the pages of TealArt.com.

My good blogging friend and often-mentor, Amy, said this thing a while ago that really stuck: Live first, first blog second. Sure it's not original, but I really liked the way she said it. Something about not writing about what might be, or what could be, what's going to be. Not jinxing things. That blogging in the way she (and TealArt does occasionally) does it is about recording things after they happen, not while they happen.

The kind of content that TealArt presents doesn't exploit the instant kind of media that most blogs are known for. While we may not proofread, or plan or rhetoric extensively, this isn't a blog the current construction of that term, it's more like some of the sites that were around a few years ago (like Amy, and an earlier incarnation of Noah's work.) I have to keep reminding myself, that although TealArt hasn't "made it big" in the blog world, Chris and I have been at this for a long time.

While I didn't quite set out to write a 'history of blogging essay' or a commentary on the current state of TealArt I guess I have one more point about this. I know that the categories system needs some serious revision. The comments only work sporadically, I've found. And there's a new design desperately needed. And the links/quote blogs need better integration with the main log. And, probably most importantly, we're going to try and play with the template to lighten/soften the tone/mood. But... My recent computer problems haven't completely resolved. I'm using an old iMac with OS 8.1 on it. So until I get a real working computer that will allow me to do the work that I need, things are going to stay the way they are. Sorry about this.

But what I started writing this post about:

Today I took the second to last test for my International Baccalaureate Diploma. There are two papers (technically two tests), back to back in a week. So I'm basically done. Yes. You heard that right. Wow. I thought it was weird to be "almost done" well actually being done is even weirder. Despite the fact that I'm dead tired and my brain feels completely fried I feel inexplicably liberated. It's awesome. It's also the story of my life, and while I just thought about saying "Given the choice, I'll never do something like that again."

And then I realized, that of course I'd do something like that in an instant. That's part of my personality and who I am. Lets hope, I'll get better at managing my resources and my life. I can only hope.

In any case, that's what I've been doing for the past month. Living, perhaps not what I'd ideally like to spending my life doing, but defiantly something that I needed to just live through. So I'm done with that, and while there's always next time, I'm hoping I got some time before next time gets here.

In slightly other news, there's queer stuff happening at school. It's a good thing I think, predicted, and a bit old. I'm not totally sure of what to make of it just now, but I think I'll probably (you had to expect it) muse a bit about this, I want to see if I can get into some more stuff soon. Stay tuned.