Here's a mostly accurate conversation I had with a friend the other day. Once the secret is out, I'll tell you more about the actors, and it might make sense, but for now, lets just go with it.

Jon's someone I've known since high school, and though, as you might have guessed, we've bounced around the country a fair bit, and changed a lot, we're still right there.

jon: I promised him I'd keep this between us for right now tycho: whatever, I'm practically you jon: true that: a much more together version of me... and cuter tycho: psh... I mean, __________ is cuter than you, but whatever jon: hahahaha. at least you're honest tycho: I think dating cuter people is ok, I'm ok with that jon: yeah, I'm fine with ______ being cuter than me too.

conversation proceeds

tycho develops a nickname for ______, a mutual friend: I'm so calling him that henceforth jon: CENSORED tycho: whatever, whatever jon: I promised! tycho: I think you need to say to ______ something like "so, I have this brother that knows me too well, but he's trustworthy," because we're basically family, duder. jon: I know


jon: my mom told me that she's always wanted a jewish son, when I told her that you and I were brothers, basically... tycho: oh dear.... funny though.

Like most conversations this one doesn't have some larger purpose, and sort of meanders around. But that's the joy of conversations, right? I've also done some artistic touching up to make it flow a little better with the missing parts, but otherwise it's pretty spot on.

I'll post some more coherent thoughts a little later.