I realized that I made a lot of changes to the way my websites were arranged and worked recently, and I thought that it would be good to write a few about the hottest new thing, and my rationale for messing everything up. Again.

Basically, I took the CriticalFutures.com site, and turned it into the posts section here, moving a bunch of content back to tychoish.com that used to be here. This time, everything is powered by ikiwiki, and while I callously dropped all comments [1], I think the move is one of general and overall improvement.

At the same time, I think there are challenges. Rather than comment pages, there's now a "discourse" link at the top left of the pages, which lets you sign in and create a new page for discussion related to the page you're currently viewing. I liked the name "discourse" rather than "discussion," but I fear there may be some confusion. I can change it over back without much issue, if any one feels strongly.

Mostly, it's still the same blog that it's always been, and I'm having fun with it. The essay/rhizome divide may turn out to be tenuous in the long term, and it might disappear, but for now it makes sense. I've not been doing as many wiki-based things, though I have worked on a queer theories page, and the technical writing section is something that I'm pleased with. Wikis are much more difficult to use and produce than one would initially guess. The concept is simple, the software is simple, and the work is remarkably time consuming and difficult to do right. And then there's the problem of contributors.

I don't know how it's going to sort out, but I look forward to hearing from you, and making stuff on this domain.

[1]Which totally sucks, but I had already given into using disqus, the migration would be really difficult, and the truth be told, I'd much rather participate in discussions that involved the creation of new wiki pages, and that involved invitations to email lists, and direct emails contact over IRC or IM. Maybe this is more fragmented, and maybe I'm shooting nascent conversation in the foot before it has a chance to get off the ground, but I think "conversation at any cost," is not the best model for a community.