So I've been incredibly angsty about the whole graduate school application process this time around, no real surprise. Ironically, I was pretty confident about my chances last time, and here I am now. I'm doing better about this. First, I took another practice GRE and got solid, but not stellar scores, scores that would be good enough for my purposes. That is, they wouldn't preclude acceptance anywhere, and would probably fall safely within the "typical" range.

Secondly, and more importantly, a professor that I'm interested in studying with--where I had previously expected to be this year--has asked to have a telephone discussion tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. This is a good thing, I think I tend to do well in person/on the phone, and even though there was a snafu last year, if this could come through in a real way... Good things folks. Good things.

I'm moving forward on a lot of the things that I've been dragging my feet on for a while, and while I'm still worried, I'm feeling better. God knows why.

Also I'm reading an utterly crappy book on aging and sexuality. It's written by a journalist, which accounts for the poor methodology and virtually unvarying sentence structure. Although she does talk about aging "gay men and lesbians," I think she doesn't understand enough about ahem youthful queer sexuality to be able to approach queer sex as we age. Also, there's more unironic quoting of Andrew Sullivan (sorry no linking for the bastard) than I can really stomach.

Anyway, normal day at the yarn store, I hope you all have a good day!