Something unfortunate has happened dear readers. The entire databases for this site as well as CollectiveArts were lost. When all, or most, of the content of a site is stored in a mySQL database, site management becomes really easy and the file structure becomes clean and logically arranged: it's great. When you're old hosts sever craps out and you must move to a nicer facility with out a database dump: it's a pain in the ass.

Nothing's changed, and everything works as it should, unfortunately, all of that old content is here. I should be moping around and fighting like hell to get a fairly recent backup of the database, but I'm not. Its ok, and Chris and I will be able to move forward. After all a fresh start that clears out all of that start that I've started to get a little embarrassed about is an okay thing. I'm not celebrating it, but it's not a bad thing. I've posted two of the entries from my personal archive that I'm rather proud of (and I did postdate one), and we'll continue from here.

After a month of not having a working website, I'd think that it's good to be back.