After a long time toiling with the ThinkPad that I got (as my primary laptop) a few months back. I decided to rearrange my laptop usage. Not that the ThinkPad is a bad machine, but I felt bad because my MacBook was langishing, and I very much missed having a machine with a usable battery life. While I thought about trading the macbook for a PC laptop, it finally dawned on me that I could just linuxify it and be done with it. I have the hardware, and while it isn't pro-grade like the thinkpad, it's contemporary. It also means that my initial intention with the thinkpad--as a spare to keep peace among the family when one of my parent's older macs dies--is finally fulfilled, without my need to give away the macbook. Win win. I installed dual boot with OS X, which seems like it might be useful. The hard-drive is certainly big enough--and I'm not going to be keeping anything mission critical on it anyway. In honor of this, I've rechristened it "Deleuze and Guatteri" (deleuze=linux; guatteri=os x) as an addition to my family of continental philosopher named electronic devices. I have the linux system set up, next up: getting the right click emulation to work right/at all, figuring out how to partition the shared space (a thousand plateaus, heh,) setting up the OS X part, and afixing the ordered tux stickers to the top of the laptop.

If anyone has experience with linux and macbooks, and can help with the right click issue, that would rock something fierce.