Do any of you, wise readers, have a good program that will take a bunch of messages in a mailbox and export them to a plain text file. I want to be able to take a lot of the messages that I don't use most of the time, and be able to back them up, and also grep through them, without having them clog up my mail program.

I want something that will export headers and everything, and that will make one long text file rather than 10,000 separate files.

I have spent a little bit of time today, deleting messages that I don't want to archive and getting my mail program organized in a more coherent way. I'm down from about 25 mailboxes and 20 rules, to about 13 rules and 15 mail boxes. This is an improvement. I also only have four emails in my inbox, which is also an improvment from my usual number around 20.

But I should be doing other things.

Also, somehow, I have a working onsite subversion repository. How'd that happen?