Life returns to normal. All is well. I have this trip in a few days (ie fly out tomorrow afternoon), and my life remains sort scattered. But that's normal these days, but I'm coping pretty well.

By the time I got home yesterday, I was completely knackered. I have to work on building my tolerance up for mental activity late in the evening. I haven't been working much (due to a confluence of factors largely outside of my control,) and while this isn't ideal, with factors outside of my control--there's not a lot I can do quite yet. Except work on being able to be productive in the evening.

Given that I couldn't fathom the concept of really reading last night, I watched an episode of Star Trek: New Voyages while I sewed up. The last of the hem on the Turkish Tile sweater.

Given my last post on the feminist sf blog about Star Trek, you might think that I'm having an obsession of sorts, but the truth is that I'm not, really.

But about the sweater: I've been worried about this sweater for a long time. and it's getting much better. I had to, I must admit, resort to sewing elastic into the collar to help it lay right, but it almost looks normal at this point. As I look at it, though, I think that the sweater still needs some serious attention around the collar area. Like there isn't enough collar, by like an inch.

If this were a crew neck sweater, it would be a synch to add a fold down shirt collar (like those on oxford shirts) but since its more of a v-neck, that doesn't seems terribly likely. I might just have to resort to making a matching scarf. Any thoughts that you may have about this would be really helpful, now that I have the defects corrected (with the elastic) I'm fresh out of ideas.

I do intend to do a real wet blocking before I add anything on to this sweater. There is of course lots of time in the world. And since I've learned my lesson in this regard and I have another sweater that has a very similar construction, I know exactly what I have to do differently this time.

Anyway, given that writing is slow in the evening, I should get on it while I still have brain cells around.

Onward and Upward!