It's been an entire day since I've finished dancing and my body is slowly starting to feel almost normal. I'm still tired of course, but soon I'll stop aching so much and be able to just remember the great time I had. The truth is that I'm not in ideal shape for this kind of dance [1], because I've basically been away for so long, but another truth is that this was that I danced many times as much by quantitiy (and quality). Because sections of my "team" hosted this event (I was virtually uninvolved by virtue of the circumstances of my education) this even in addtion to being hard on my body, presented an interesting political situation. Time has yet to tell wether my predictions were correct or not, but initial signs indicate that I may not have been far off.

In terms of Station Keeping I laid out some of the back material that I've been walking around in my head for the other writers. I'm trying to find a balance between some sort of structured/organizational model that will allow us to write effectively and efficiently as a team, but that will also allow us all to contribute to all aspects of the development and production. It's a fine balance between not saying very much to give people freedom to come up with brilliant solutions, and creating an environment with deadlines, productive feedback, and a coherent (series) of stories. I also didn't want to feel like I had ideas about where stories and characters were going to go that I hadn't/didn't tell the other writers. With this out of the way, I think we might be able to move forward more effectively.

bI was playing around with PMWiki for the Station Keeping writer's wiki, and while it's a good program and really versatile, I'm not convinced that it's right for our purposes. I'm thinking about changing the way I do this so that it can serve as more of a refrence space rather than a workspace, but getting more of the project written is also crucial, and really this is just one of the things going through my mind that I need to think about in relation to this project.

Anyway. Time to get the day started, and spend some time doing some chores and maybe actually working on Station Keeping.

Cheers, tycho

[1]Morris Dance in the "Cotswald" Style.