Hello folks!

It's time for a general update about knitting and life and stuff around here in the household of garen. Heh.

My knitting is progressing well, and I feel bad about not really getting the chance to talk about my knitting here lately. While I have a number of projects in progress, I mostly just work on one project at a time and particularly lately I've been working on projects that take a lot of time. On the whole you probably don't want me posting about my knitting more than once a week, at most.

I'm within a row or two of the beginning of the shoulder pattern for this sweater. Initially I was going to do the shoulders as saddles casting on provisionally at the neck, and knitting (short rows) back and forth. The pattern just has you knit around, in the same pattern but bind off half way through the repeat to give the look of saddles. This is hard to describe, but I've decided not to modify this much, and just go with the flow. I am changing the shaping on the neck, but that's not a big deal. I'm really close, and I have a pretty good plan about how I'm going to do the next pattern. I'm seeing diagonals. Marina would be proud.

In other news. I have to revise a paragraph, fill out a one page form, do some printing and then I'll be done with another application. I really really like the people I'd get to study with, and I really don't like the place. It's also public school, so the funding isn't as good, and also if I were trying to get a dual appointment job or something with a classification in interdisciplinary field, it might be tough given that pedigree. But I'll take it if I can get it, the people are really swell there.

That's what I'm up to. More later when there are more free brain cells. I'm realizing that I'm going to be in a place to do interesting things and write fiction. Even though I have three schools left to apply for and a little bit of work left for this semester, I feel like all of the hard work has been done and there's just a little bit more left to do. Which is good.

As I sit here our last chanukah candles are winding down. I hope you've all had a good holiday.

Onward and Unpward