So I think I've finally gotten into reading The Left Hand of Darkness, so I think this attempt at reading it will be successful. I've posted my feminist sf post about difference, spurred on by starting to read this book (again).

The post ponders the ways that feminist SF approaches and resolves issues surrounding "difference," does feminist (or) SF say, "look here are people that are different," and then look at all the ways that difference leads to disparity (as cyberpunk and other dystopias tend to,) or the way that differences (between, say men and women) pale in comparison to the differences between aliens and human, (Which strikes me as a little assimilationist). I'm not sure what the "answer" is, but if we had answers, we wouldn't have a blog...

In other media consumption news, while I posted my thoughts on BSG and torchwood, I'm also more slowly working my way through Jeremiah, a show written by JMS, the same guy who write Babylon 5. While I like the concept, and I think it's a fun show, I'm ten episodes in, and the pacing of the story feels "off." The episodic story lines aren't that gripping, and the story arch moves too slowly. As I think about it, Babylon 5 was probably the same way, but there are seemingly more space opera stories than there are, post-apocalyptic dystopian stories.

In the end this means that I've had a hard time mustering the proper entertainment materials to get me through the dark tunnel part of this knitting. Surely there are NCIS episodes or some such that I haven't seen. I'll post more about the sweater later. TV recommendations are most welcome.

Onward and Upward!