Ok, this isn't an actual meme, so much as a discussion of memetic activity in my life. specifically in the website designs.

I've done a little bit of tweaking of the font and commenting template here (and I changed the tag-line) because I've become a big fan of Gill Sans, which I think looks very modern/deco, and I like the effect. It is perhaps no the most accessible, but then this is what Grease-Monkey and RSS are for, if that's a problem for you. I'm mostly kidding about the Grease Monkey, but if you're having problems with reading the font here or on TealArt, then RSS lets you have a lot of control over the display of the content, and I think that's probably the way to go.

I just realized that I don't have it set up so that you can see what categories entries are in with the post. I had been laboring under the impression that you could. Weird.

I'm probably going to write a meta tealart entry about the difference between the "magazine" approach that TealArt has, and the "failed tumblelog" approach that tychoish has. I'd enjoy it at least.

Have a good day!