Ok folks, so when I wrote that last post, I started out with the intention of giving you a few links and send off a personal message in response to a comment I got.

First off. I wanted to link to R. H. Lindsay Company, which is a wool provider. This is great stuff. A friend just got an order and some of the "Black hat Wool" and some of their other products. It's divine wool. Really great for all you spinners and felters. I've you're interested in spinning pre-dyed fibers than this is probably not for you, but there are a limited natural colors. And the prices can't be beat.

As a spinner, while I like spinning yarn from dyed rovings every now and then as a change of pace, I must say that I think natural colors are really the best bet. I like naturals on princpal, 5 of the 6 sweater's I'm currently knitting or have just knit, or plan to knit next, are some combination of black gray and white. In terms of dye jobs, I think kettle dyed yarns are really the best in the world, so it's useful to dye after spinning and not before.

Check them out!

The second thing. Is that I want to publicly shame Ken for having not seen the Star Trek movies. Geeze. I say, people these days. What's up with that?

Cheers, Sam