So like everyone else I've tried to get involved with this little website thing, Heather is like "must post only very good things, and I'm scared because people might actually read it, and your family reads the site" (yeah, tell me about it, but I think I'm working on making the site more approachable and less rambling like),* and I thought that while this shouldn't quite make our project (the category) website, it's funny and people should read it.

So Heather emailed me this from across campus and yeah....

Also, a snippet from Maureen Seaton that I thought you'd appreciate:

We/ are all the same Underneath, I said,/and you could count the dusty/ liberals nodding in deadly agreement

love it.

*For the record, as I get more academic and self directed in my projects, I feel tealart becoming less formal, and I'm totally down with that, and want to push it in that direction.