• I'm so tired of introspection. I'd like to be able to just not think for a while.
  • Def. Visiting WesternState in a while. Feeling good about my chances, hoping, of course, that I end up with chance to make a choice about grad school rather than being simply "stuck" with one school. Not that I didn't apply all to schools that were a great fit, and that I'd be willing to attend... but...
  • Pretty sure about dropping this class I'm in, if nothing else, because my gut is saying that. Gotta think harder about whats going on.
  • I typed something off hand in this post that has me sort of down about the novel project. Not bad, but I'm going to use time this weekend to regroup. But I think that just goes to show you how much of an extrovert I am.
  • I have plans to clean my office this weekend.
  • I have plans to come up with some sort of schedule to budget time in the upcoming weeks. Including: job search time, email time, reading time, writing time, blogging time, and knitting time.
  • I'm going to make a commitment to read both science fiction, and academic articles in my field, because I enjoy them, because it's good for me to do that, because reading research articles, also I think informs my fiction writing.
  • One of the reasons I'm thinking of dropping the class is that as I was sitting there, in addition to thinking "g-d I really don't want to be here," I was also thinking about how I could recycle one of my stock papers for this class, and that's not productive for me or for anyone. This starts immediately.
  • I never checked to see what my grades were from last semester. We'll call them Schrodinger's Grades. Not that I'm worried, more that I'm just meh.
  • I got some knitting time to myself tonight. Feels good, need to get some resolution on my current project, and also get my lace piece, as crazy as it is, into a more comfortable place. If I find out that it isn't ever really going to have a rhythm, this might become one of those long term, multi-year projects. Or I might save it for the summer.

brain... fiizzz... zzzzzz

tycho out.