So I just finished reading Michael Toliver Lives By Armistead Maupin.

I think the words I'm looking for are "fucking amazing".

I stretched the first half of the book over many weeks, and possibly a few months, but the second half I've read in the past couple of days, mostly today. And it's good, and very heart wrenching, and good. As much as I'd like to see what happens next, I don't know if my soul can handle seeing any (more) of these characters that I care so much about die, and I fear that the longer that the story goes on, the more likely that is to happen.

In other news, I upgraded to MarsEdit 2.0, and it's brilliant. I've never been really satisfied with the way that the Text-Mate handles blog posting. Not enough polish, to much room for operator error, and so forth, so I've kept using MarsEdit (and I think the version I was running was a slightly out of date version.) It connected well with TextMate, and I've been happy.

While I like the redress job, I have to say that there's only so many things that an XML-RPC weblog client can do, period (because there are only so many things that XML-RPC can do), and the version 1.x did all of them, and delightfully so does 2.0. And the redress is great (and it exposes a few features that were a little buried,) but...

Here's hoping tomorrow is a bit more productive than today.