Today was the first day that my regular blog post/essay didn't get crossposted to my livejournal. This is one of the cool things that I can do now that I've redone So LJ-land if you want to read about a really cool linux/open source thing click the above link.

In other news, I've been toying around with which is the flagship of an open source federated twitter clone called laconica. (You can join/follow my "dents" here if you use any Laconica site.)

Now I'm a really big fan of the twitter except that my prefered method of interacting with twitter is via the IM/jabber interface, which hasn't worked for months. While I'd love to jump ships to another platform (like or jaiku), twitter has too many people that wouldn't jump ship with me. So until Laconica can import tweets a little better, I'm going to be in a couple of different worlds for a while. Anyway...

I listened to an interview with the author the other day, and I think I'll be writing some blog posts on this subject very soon, but its mightily cool, conceptually (because it gives everyone a lot of control over their microblogging life.)

A while back I wrote a post--after started up, actually--about how microblogging needed to be thought of as an evolution of IRC and IM rather than an evolution of blogging. Not so much in terms of database structure (though I hear that would help,) but in terms of user interface and interaction.

I still think this is the case. Just FYI. And I still want to use something that really works. And better access control would be good.

Ok, blathering over.

Onward and Upward!