So one of the great things about Tumblelogs, particularly the automated variety profered by jaiku and Tumblr is that they're all about collecting your wonderings on the internet and presenting those wanderings in a way that's entertaining and, well, cool. The problem is that there's something missing: the comments that you leave in other people's blogs.

Part of the issue is that it's decentralized. Many people run their own blogs on their own servers using their own systems. There are conventions but not standards, really.

Collecting blog comments is, I think a better marker of the sort of semantic network that makes up the internet, at least a better marker than whatever we remember to tag on, which for me only seems to happen every six weeks, if I'm lucky.

For better or for worse I can't think of any really good way to accomplish this in an automated way. Maybe technorati could be used as a source for this kind of data, but it's beyond me, that's for sure.

Anyway, thats what I was thinking about as I was rolling out of bed, time to go angst about the GREs and my future. But first, a hot shower.