Ok, I promised, and here it is: pictures of my current work in progress. This is the first new thing that I've worked on months and months, so I feel like pictures are completely warented.

Note, pictures are intended as utilitarian methods of communication, and not, art. In the end, we can't all be Jared, now can we?

Here's the great latvian mitten sweater of 2008. Body first.

Now I think I'm pretty close to being done, despite the fact that I have to knit two more full repeats of the "hash" motif before I can attach the sleeves and begin the yoke. (I mentioned that this is going to be a saddle shouldered cardigan done in an EZ/Meg Swansen style? Right?)

In part because, I've already knit sleeves (which is really more exciting than I want to talk about.) See them here:

Now you probably knew that if you've been reading the blog, but I just wanted to reiterate this. The last 5 days have been pretty slow going on this project, but I think that I'll probably be able to join the sleeves and the body by saturday. I hope.

I'll clean up some of the other pictures and get them out to you over the next few days/week. I know how out of character this is for me. I ask that you neither be too surprised nor grow too accustomed to this.

Onward and Upward!