So I've been doing a little bit of knitting today.

Current projection indicates that by the end of the current repeat, I will be at the underarm point of the sweater. If I book it, and find something good to entertain me while I work on it.

I'm almost 60% through the yarn that I have to finish this project, and I hope that I finish before I run out of yarn, but I suspect that the yoke, "button band" and hem had better be less than 40% of the knitting that I have to do.

It's chugging along. I've already started thinking of the next design, which I think will be more textural and less blocky. I'm going to be knitting it with much more fine yarn, but my goal is to knit something that's much more fitted than I'm accustomed to, probably v-neck. After that, I'm thinking a plain, drapey/soft raglan sweater with rolled hems, and I'm not sure what kind of neck I'm going to use. Probably a lose crew neck.

I've put the shawl away for the time being. This is probably good for my (knitting) health.