My friend Jeff Kirvin's website require registration for commenting, so because I'm lazy I'm going to reply to a couple of things here:

First, this post "Don't Sync, Dont'y Sync:"

I must say that I'm sort of out of the loop on windows things, so it's interesting to hear about the developments in Word. As (prospective) readers of this blog would likely know, I write almost exclusively in a text editor, and I'm pretty good at avoiding word-processing software, but I agree with Jeff that the new Word format looks really quite nifty, and there's something to be said for writing at a desk.

With web2.0 and all that crap, our old notions of sync have changed quite a bit. I'm personally hesitant to add an additional node (pda, smart-phone, desktop, etc.) to my computing experience because I think the project of keeping my data synced up between all these places would be a headache.

Recently I moved all my music (itunes library) off of my computer and onto an external hard drive, and listen to music almost exclusively via my iPod. I think if I were going to be using some sort of additional device, I'd need to keep critical software/documents in some sort of transferable situation. Like a thumb drive, or using WebDAV/.mac (if it didn't suck so much). Google-Gears might be a good option for this kind of thing.

Its surprising that despite my desk-tied mindset, I'm pretty darn mobile. Laptops are a great thing. For me at least, the move to Mac was a great thing in this regard. Hardware wise, I know that you can get smaller laptops and better batteries from PC makers, but... I think it would be more hassle than it's worth.