Ok, for all of you who I know are waiting for this one, I offer you a knitting post unencumbered by tales of my personal life, discussions of my current technological setup or weird creative tangents. All Knitting, one paragraph away.

I'm almost done with my latest shawl. I ran out of yarn, nary 3 rows away from the bind off. Which means I need to buy two more oz's of the stuff. Thank god I have a discount. Probably in the same direction I'm going to buy another ball of the blue yarn that I have, just because the fear of running out of yarn is really too much for me.

That shawl, "the green shawl" is really amazing. It's going to be big, and very lacy, and I hope to sell it for a fair price. (While knitting isn't a viable way to earn all of one's money, selling a shawl or two might me to relax a little when I'm ordering books or some such next year.

I'm currently working on finishing a sweater I'm making out of fisherman's wool. This is lion brand yarn, that you can get at just about any craft store for about a dollar an oz. Pretty good deal. It's ecru ("sheep") color, but it dyes well. It'll be a nice sweater, and I like the feel of the wool. I had plans to sell the design, but as I'm watching it unfold, I'm not sure that I like the way that it looks. On the upside, I think I've finally figured out how to make a crew neck, so I might just revert back to doing that. I finished the neck treatment, so now all I have to do, is make the sleeves, and block the hell out of the sucker.

You might remember me talking about my "sock project" as the never ending pair of socks that I was supposedly making. Well, I think I'm going to give up on it. I mean what I've done looks really good, and if I was interested, I could probably finish them in a reasonable amount of time, but I've lost the desire to make this pair of socks. I think it's something to do with such fine wool. It's such nice yarn too, I feel really bad for not being able to make the socks, but, I can't pull it off. for anything. But then I'm in no hurry, so I don't really need to take them off those needles, so it might linger for a while.

In other news, I have enough yarn set aside for me, to make a sweater. It'll be a great deal of fun. I'm thinking drop shouldered crew neck. The yarn is this kettle/space dyed worsted weight wool, that's just pretty. I might make two (another in red, I'm so predictable, really), later on in the summer. I'll probably have a shawl project going at the same time, just to keep entertained.

Well that's all for the moment.