I have been remiss, I fear, in my blogging of late. Really any sort of real productivity. I finally, after about a week and a half, bit the bullet and got through the some emails that I needed to get through. Not

On the slate for this evening: a night of Richard Thompson. There's a concert in town and I'm going to go to it. How cool is that.

My knitting continues apace, and I've really become quite interested in that project, which is nice. I may really want to be throwing myself full bore into my writing and knitting designing, and this knitting project is really neither: But, it is fun, and I think having it languish is really getting in the way of other projects. I've been feeling overloaded by my knitting of late, and getting that under control will I think increase the overall quality of my well being.

I've also finished watching the first two seasons of Star Trek Enterprise, which I never was able to sit through before (ie. when it was on the air). I've been watching it while I knit of late. I'm trying to figure out something constructive that I can say. It's not particularly bad, it's also not particularly good. The reason that I was interested in doing this is that I learned, somewhat after the fact that the third season was one extended story, in 26 parts or something. I really enjoy this kind of story telling, and so because I have a compulsive streak about watching old TV series in order, if possible, I've watched the first two episodes.

At some point I'm sure I'll have something more coherent to say about Enterprise. I'm still searching for whatever that is.

Not much else on the mind, I must confess. I have to run out to a meeting now, but be well, and one of these days, things will return to normal around here.

Onward and Upward!