So, I might have contributed to an order for yet more Harrisville Shetland, in the Charcoal and Pearl colors, enough for another sweater, I think it's going to look rather fetching, but I don't know what pattern to use yet. I'm contemplating another Henry VIII, and I'm thinking I might make it into a cardigan. I might still do the cardigan even if I use a different pattern.

In other knitting news. I'm in ravelry now, and I'm really enjoying the fourms more than anything. I don't have a meaningful stash, despite the recent yarn purchase, and perhaps more importantly I don't use enough patterns to make those aspects of the site really enthralling, but I'm enjoying it.

I've also been knitting a bunch on a sleeve, which I know is kind of out of character. I'm only 4 inches into it, so it'll be a while. I need to do a little pseudo gauge swatching before I can start in earnest (on take two) of another sweater. This is the punishment I think for buying shetland jumper weight wool that isn't HD: the gauge is way way tighter. Weirdness.

That's pretty much where I am, not much more to announce. I've been writing most of the day, it's going well, but not spectacularly. A few weeks ago, I had a great weekend where I just cranked out tons of content, and I felt productive, and now I'm making headway, and I'm not getting stuck, but it's a bit slower going, so I need to be ok with this without being too hard on myself that I'm not going fast enough.

So Let the world Chug-along as it pleases, I'll be free and easy still....