While I enjoy being a morning person most of the time, I think that there are definite advantages to being able to sleep in more effectively. If I had gotten more sleep, I would probably be able to think of a few of them.

I also thought that I had a paper for school due on Wednesday, which I have since learned is due on Friday. I am no longer worried about it, since I have finished reading the relevant book last night, in expectation of a need to write the paper today. I can be leisurely about it now.

I'll have to see what the undergrad classes are next semester, but I'm thinking of starting to take classes in what promises to be an even more mind dulling but applied masters program, because if I'm going to be sitting around, learning things I already basically know, I think the telos of a degree that I don't already have would be nice.

I should write a TealArt entry commenting on Station Keeping, or put together an SK pdf file, but I think that'll have to wait for later. Maybe, we'll see. I'm already caught up on the RSS feeds, which is kind of crazy, just saying....

Cheers, sam