I've been thinking that, while the articles I write for TA are great and should continue to be a pillar of the site, shorter and more pithy posts are also worthy content. Also, I do a crappy job of interacting with other blog posts. So here's something I saw whilst plowing [1] through my blog posts today: expect more.

Things Change:

"As I was working out in the garden today, my first thought was that as a society, we still haven’t figured out how to manage the intersection of mortality and migration."

(from Easily Distracted.)

I think this is an incredibly well put observation. The internet, and aviation, make the world smaller in a lot of important ways, but it's still a big place that most of us find difficult to move from place to place. As a developmentalist-to-be this is right up my ally and I think a quite interesting location for some interesting research some day. Very quickly though, my next thought is of a few science fiction books that deal with some of these issues. Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy, address the migration issue (among other things), and Cory Doctrow's `Eastern Standard Tribe <http://www.craphound.com/est/>`_ looks at the effect of the internet (and "world shrinking") on another "material reality:" sleep. Interesting stuff.


Cheers, tycho

[1]In fairness, I think my method of weblog reading as described by the word "plow," might account for my lack of communication.