Perhaps no news is good news? After the bulk of a week in one kind of a haze or another, I'm just working on getting on with my life, at least for the present. I'm going to be spinning a lot in the future, no matter if I get into graduate school or not. I'm going to be knitting and writing knitting patterns. There are the 14 sweaters to knit. I'm not going to stop this blog or stop drinking tea. In a few weeks I'll be working full time until August 31st. I have another novella or ten to write.

Life continues.

I've also realized that the organization of this school is somewhat... arcane and odd. For instance I submitted my application on paper (because there wasn't a digital option), and the whole thing is administered by the department rather than a graduate school proper. It takes them a little while longer to get to things. I can cope with this. And I just have to be the faster zebra, so I'm resting comfortably in the belief (delusion?) that no news is good news.

Anyway. I got the new spinning wheel on Tuesday, as I mentioned and I've been spinning a lot. I plyed about 80 grams (my standard skein size) Tuesday evening, and then spun and plied two bobbins of singles on Wednesday (190 grams), and spun two more bobbins yesterday, though I didn't get to ply it all last night.

My current spinning project has been some amazingly lofty and soft Blue faced Leicester (BFL, commonly pronounced biffel) that I got over the holidays at The Yarn Barn in Kansas City. I have probably 60 grams set aside for a drop spindle project for when my hands hurt too much to knit, and i don't want to sit in front of a wheel (or couldn't before I got the new wheel, and about 82 grams left for wheel spinning (I've been making sport-ish weight two ply). Of about two pounds that I bought.

The next spinning project is going to be three ply, two of which will be a brown mohair/alpaca (30/70?) blend, and the third ply will be white finnsheep wool. Someone can do the weighted percentages. 33% wool, 47% Alpaca, 20% mohair? Something like that...

After that I have my eye on some grey shetland from copper moose (an online spinning company) that I might buy a couple of pounds to spin a 3 ply DK weight for a sweater. A sweater like Alice Starmore's St. Brigid? Something.

Anyway, I have blog posts about knitting developments, tea developments, and writing developments, so I'll leave this post here, and go do some spinning before I get back to more writing thing.

Be well, and I'll keep you posted as I learn more, for sure.