I'm still not totally settled into my new routine, and I think that's apparent in the blog. These things happen, and I just realized that this is the third summer in a row with some sort of major life change. Maybe I've forgotten how to exist in a summer routine. While I should probably give myself a break, I think it's more realistic to accept a certain level of disruption as "the new normal," and figure out how to develop a routine around that. That's the hope at any rate. So, I'm getting there, slowly.

I've posted a number of new rhizomes in the last week. They are:

  • Security isn't A Technological Problem, A post in my series about addressing problems in IT as human-issue, that need documentation and training rather than more software.

  • These Shoes Were Made for Cyborgs, which attempts to limit the potential for overly expansive theorizing of "the cyborg," in a common but not overly productive manner.

  • Little Goals and Big Projects, a list of projects that I want to work on. Think mid-year resolutions meet five-year plan, meet time management review.

    I've also done some maintenance (gardening?) on the wiki and added or edited the following pages:

  • I imported some comments from Facebook regarding my intellectual-practice post onto the discussion page. These comments are pretty valuable and I've found the conversation useful, hopefully you will too. Feel free to add your own comments there.

  • Similarly, I imported some comments onto the discussion for the Career Pathways post.

  • In response to one of the comments the Intellectual Practice post, I put together a pedagogy page, including some very rough descriptions of "writing classes I wish I'd taken and would love to teach."

  • Not strictly tychoish related, but I revised my personal profile at tychogaren.com to be a bit more up to date and generally less weird/awkward.