Update: I totally take this entire post back, I said, "oh, let me try this little thing out, and see what happens, and broke the whole thing, in a way that will take me awhile to fix, but will avoid running thousands of instances of wordpress. Sorry about this. Cheers, tycho"

Second Update: Ok, I have a working installation of WordPress MU installed on tealart, and everything seems to work pretty well. In fact, really quite well. Including the site that I talked about in this post. Redirects are in place but, check it out at http://tychoish.com/micro/, which is a good place for it.

So after much hemming and hawing about Drupal, I finally gave up on the sort of grandiose plan that I had been laboring under and just installed a new clean instance of wordpress, the same software that I used before, and continue to use on tychoish.com

What changed? This "Prologue" Theme from some of the makers of wordpress.

It's a really cool idea. Basically, it's a self-hosted twitter kind of site, except the posts can be a little longer, there are comments, and you can do it more as a performance piece with a group of other people.

Usually I'm not much of a fan of the people who try and get software like wordpress to do things that it really wasn't designed for. But for some reason I rather like this particular usage, and don't mind the fact that what's happening behind the scenes is semi-kludgy.

Actually what's happening behind the scenes is even more kludgey because even the version hosted on wordpress.com doesn't have a loop in it. Loops are the wordpress way of getting the template to run a number of times so that you get a web log of posts. What this means is, I cannot for devil, on stock version, get the template to show more than one post.

Thankfully I'm a WP genius in the real world and I was able to hack something together that works. For those of you who are playing around at home, it seems like the whole design is based on nested unordered lists. Which is kind of maddening for those of us who love using bulleted lists in our blog posts, but no matter.

Anyway, so yes. There's a new TealArt. It's not "for real yet" as I need to find people who want to do this with me. I'm looking at you: vaugish, subjunctus, composerscott, and of course Chris and Dave). Anyone else who wants in and thinks they could post, should just leave a comment and a way for me to get a hold of you and I'll get you set up. It'll be fun. No really, it will.

The downside of this is that while my old plan for TA revision hinged around having a site that "did it all," and would serve as a home for Station Keeping (which is still mostly homeless) and some knitting projects and patterns (which I can run out of what's already around on tychoish.com pretty effectively.)

My thought for station-keeping at the moment is that I'll throw another instance of Wordpress on tealart.com, probably at tealart.com/serial, and throw redirections site/duplications up at /hanm and /station-keeping. I need to stew on this for a little while.

This is a really lame journal entry, so I'll try and post again. But there are things to be done.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Onward and Upward!