I have an irrational desire to look for and get a new computer.

I recognize that this is irrational. Zoe works fine, and while I might like to do some audio production work some day, I don't really need anything that I don't already have, and frankly things work pretty good the way they are now, and my system is working pretty well. I might need to get another firewire drive in the next six months or so.

Chris is always tinkering with his set up, and I swear hasn't kept an OS running for more than a couple of weeks. Some people... heh.

I'm thinking about getting something like the Nokia N800, though, as the price is about 350, and it seems like it would do everything I'd want in a portable device (PIM stuff, skype, AIM stuff via WIFI, bluetooth, web browsing, PDF reading, and it probably has pico/nano, or something) it's pretty cheap, it's expandable, and it would mean I could leave zoe at home in situations where I wouldn't need full blown laptop power. Also it would provide a better interface for digital reading, and best of all it wouldn't tie me into a two year contract like some cool new things things with major suckage.

Cheers, tycho