I'm trying out a new Monospaced font called "Droid Mono" which is Apache liscenced (yay!) and pretty nifty. It was designed for the googlephone, Android, which I fear may be a flop (it puts too much authority/freedom in the hands of the cellphone makers, who I'm convinced are truly evil). But the existence of a really good monospaced font makes me happy.

I know this is supposed to be a knitting blog. My sweater is now about 17" long. In the end It'll be a 30 inch jacket, so I haven't even started the arm holes. I ran out of my first skein of the lighter color last night and have decided to switch over to some sleeve knitting, but I'm well into the second skein of dark. I suspect that I'll need to order more dark yarn to finish this project.

This puts me in a yarn buying mood, which is odd because I work in an awesome yarn store, but the yarn company in question wont sell wholesale, and the price is pretty good. My mom wants this yarn to make a shawl, and I think I'll probably get a couple of colors for another sweater because there's a bulk discount.

Initially I had thought that this was odd yarn and was somewhat disappointed by it, but as I've knit more I'm pretty pleased with it. No signs of pilling quite lofty, and finer than shetland so it doesn't look as blocky. I mean I still really like shetland, but, it's nice.

I have class today but there isn't anything due, so it's pretty low stress, I also have chores to do, and I need new ipod headphones, so we'll see how that works out. (For the record, I've been saying ip-od in my head rather than i-pod.)

Anyway, I fear this madness has gone on long enough, I'll be back later, I trust.