As of 11 am Thursday, 19 December 2002 I was finished with the work and all the exams for this semester are completed. Thank God. Also it's really nice that I don't have to go back to school until the 6th of January. I need the time to rest, recuperate, and recharge, and also to do some of the things that I haven't been able to do for the past few months. Writing, reading, computer coding, and staying up and going to bed really late are all fairly high on my list.

I've also been working with Amy to get TealArt converted to the new Quarto CMS. It's going really well, and I have two files that I need to create, one that needs to be fixed and two functions that aren't working the way they should. The file that doesn't work is a related problem to the functions that aren't working, I think; but my knowledge of such things is somewhat limited as anyone who's ever helped me with PHP will attest to. In a few days we'll get there.

One of the things that Amy said in her weblog at one point that I'll probably talk about more latter is that she "saves the present and future for herself and writes about the past for her site" (a rough paraphrase, I'll get the entry at some point.) This really struck me, and I think its something that might separate a good weblog from a lousy one (the term is used loosely). This should be the prime directive of blogging. Go Forth, he said, and Write only about the Past. So there.