Ok, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to be posting stuff about my knitting hobby on TealArt. There's a definite community of knitting web log's many that I read with some frequency, or at least the same amount of frequency that I read any weblog, any more (somehow, by using an RSS reader, I've started reading weblogs less compulsively, but that's fodder for another entry).

Just as Chris, wants to break into the technology commentary 'blog bubble, I kind of want to break into the knitting 'blog world. But the thing is, TealArt doesn't break into bubbles. We kind of slide into the bubbles we're interested in and linger in the background, and like a lot of the inanimate objects/factors in my creative life, I have to learn how to deal with it as it is. Again, this is fodder for another entry, and if you didn't get my point, that's quite all right.

The other thing, is knitting bloggers, have a definite kind of style that I don't really fit into. They talk about their families, children, (usually, and of course to different degrees) their current knitting projects, recent yarn purchases, their cats, and they of course dibble in politics/current events, just like the rest of us. Oh and Knit Blog entries have LOTS of pictures, which I like reading, but don't particularly like writing.

So typically, I'm not going to write that kind of knitting content, and I'm not really that kind of knitter. I'll write up patterns that I make up, useful tricks that I find whilst knitting, other interesting things I find along the knitting journey.

I have a lengthy article that I wrote about translating patterns for sweaters that are designed to be knit back and forth, and then sown up into circular tube type patterns. It's logical, but I have to clean it up and chop it up into little pieces for presentation here. I also have what I think is the most genius pattern for a hat, all written up. I'll proof that some more and post it in a few days. And I have a pattern for a pair of socks all worked up in my head, that I'm going to start knitting next. That's what's on the table.

I should warn you all, that I'm a really esoteric kind of knitter. I love to read knitting patterns, but I don't really love to follow them. I'm one of those left handed knitters that knit "backwards," as I said before, I frequently rewrite sweater patterns so I'll enjoy making them more. I like to learn lots of techniques--ways of getting a certain result--so that I can mix and match as desired. Fairly often my attempts are successful, occasionally I fall flat on my face.

Oh, and while were' talking about esoteric, I should mention my yarn philosophy. I'm 18 going to college, and if I'm not broke, I'm usually fairly close. I suppose I could afford to buy nicer yarn new, but I generally don't. I also am pretty good about keeping a small stash. At the moment I'm sitting on 6,000 yards of fingering weight mercerized cotton, that I got for two dollars and fifty cents at a rummage sale (that was really the yard sale find of the century). I make a lot of things out of cotton. There are also three cones of similar mercerized cotton that I'm thinking of claiming (brown in this case), that my mom got under similar circumstances. While I don't have a yardage on that, think it's more like 8,000-10,000 yards. Other than that, I have a couple of skeins of acrylic yarn that people have offloaded on me, and I think that's about it. I've also discovered that there are people selling some kinds of cone yarn fairly cheaply on eBay. I'm going to start buying yarn by the kilo.

At the moment, I'm working on a slightly updated version of the hat pattern that I'm going to post soon as my primary project. I'm also stuck in that never ending icord place with a very purple version of this bag, and I have a felted vest that I just need to work on for a few days (probably going to be the next thing I work on.) I'm also making a swanky white scarf that I'm going to give away/sell, but that's a really quick project.

On the docket for new projects are: this nifty pair of socks (aforementioned), a sweater (for which I still don't have yarn), a "Danish" shawl, and some commercial knitting (fashion scarves and the like.) I'll post about each of these in time.

Well, I think that's all for now! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.