Days on the Waitlist: 8

I think we're past "this is driving me crazy" to "this has driven me totally crazy." At least I'm in good company, and at least I know that this is a finite sort of thing and I'll get over it. So having had this realization (of which I'm sure my dwindling readership is acutely aware), lets move on to more interesting topics.

Morocco Sweater Progress: Knitting Complete(!); Finishing Remains.

So I might not technically be done with this sweater there is about three yards of hem facing to sew down and countless ends to weave in (though there could be more, and many of them will get tucked into the hem facing.) There remains the problem of how to fasten the cardigan front, I'm wavering between making button tabs and buying buttons, or compounding my zipper order even further. In any case, I might spend a few minutes pressing/steaming the hem into place, but I think I'm mostly letting this one sit for a while and giving my hands a break.

In the mean time I've started working, in earnest on another sweater.

It's been so long since I've done this, it's amzing how exciting and fun this is.

To be fair, I started on this design when I ran out of yarn on the last sleeve of the last sweater, and it took a number of tries to find the thing that was "right," but once I did it's become really engaging.

I'm making a saddle-shouldered-giant-latvian-mitten-cardigan. Basically I really liked the saddled shouldered aran cardigan that my mother made this winter, and I wanted to do something similar, except you know, more tychoish with color work and the like. This is different from a lot of sweaters I've made in the last three years, because I'm knitting the sleeve starting at the cuff, rather than the shoulder, because I want to stretch myself a little, and I've been so devoted to "top-down" sleeve knitting, that I want to see what the other side is like, for once.

So I'm about half way done with the first sleeve, I think I'll probably get my act together to post pictures pretty soon (what with a new sweater.) and it's a great deal of fun. It's also going quickly, because whereas the last sweater was knit with what amounts to lace weight yarn, and this sweater is knit with what amounts to sport weight yarn (sport is the heaviest weight of lightweight yarn) and while many people would probably think that I'm still knitting really fine yarn, it is relatively speaking pretty thick.

And it's just fun to be knitting something different. Refreshing even.

Anyway, things to do.

Onward and Upward!