Egad, I haven't written one of these posts in forever.

It seems that apple released new laptops today. I promised myself that I would wait for the next revision before I got a new computer, my current one is old (a power pc generation mac) and I think it struggles to keep up. I'm still running the old OS (I have a "don't screw it up if it's working" policy) and I think that it's time. Computer's wear out, and Zoe has been a virtual dream, but I don't want to wear her completely into the ground. My father or grandmother is going to get custody next, and I don't want them to get stuck with a computer that's going to die immediately.

tycho takes a break from writing this entry to look at the academic/research software in the `apple software directory <>`_.

So here's my updated apple prediction for the rest of the year: new iMacs at/around WWDC, iPods in August, MacPros and MacBook Air v.2 in August (or November) and new MacBook Con/Pros in November (maybe August?), so the big news at WWDC will be software related, likely as not.

As for me, I think the main decision left is, when do I make the order. Do I order it now, because, if I'm going to do it, I might as well make the order sooner rather than later (all things being equal, which they are,) or do I wait a little while. One thought is that I'll wait till I get a grad school acceptance. [1] On the other hand, even if fI didn't get into graduate school, I'd still want the new computer, and now is probably the best time to buy for the next six months.

In preparation for this, I'm going to start making lists of things to ease the transition process. You may find these entertaining. Anyway, despite my lack of posting I have been writing things pretty seriously all morning. So I'll get back to that.

Onward and Upward!

[1]Though to be fair, I'm sort of operating like one is imminent which might be kind of dumb, at the same time, not without reason. The other celebratory thing would be to get my other (right) ear (lobe) pierced finally and get new left ear jewelry, which you know, I could do regardless of the computer.