In a very bold gesture I ripped out the vest I was making, and have started on the sweater that I've wanted to make for a long time now. It's going to be a basic, shirt style, dropped shoulder number. Seed stitch borders and trim, with a plain stocking stitch body. The only typically Sam features (ie really weird things) is that I didn't even bother coming up with a pattern for this sweater other than measuring a sweater that I think fits me very well and coming up with a gaguge. The other Samish feature (if I ever writing a knitting book, it'll be called Samish Knitting) is that I'm combining yarn from two different dye lots, and with a lot of black Rit dye (or possibly India Ink), I hope to make this a non issue.

I'll post a pattern once I have a garment completed. I'd do it sooner, because it's a really simple and standard design, but I haven't a clue of how I'm going to shape the neck, and with luck I'll have decided by the time I get there.

It's really nice to have a big project on the needles again, and I also really like how quickly it's passing. I started it yesterday evening and after a number of failed cast on attempts I know have the effective 2.5 inch bottom trim, and 3 inches of the body-proper completed, and it's smooth sailing till the underarms (no short rows needed!).

In other knitting news I'm working tirelessly to put together a knitting sub-site for TealArt. Basically it would be the same as regular TealArt, except only the knitting posts would appear, and I'll be able to create a knitting specific sidebar. Also, I think it means there'll be a new knitting contributor.

So stay tuned.