I just wanted to post something to point out that I've updated my about page and I think you might enjoy having a look. I always do enjoy reading other peoples'. Also another question:

How are you all feeling about the archives of this site? I've been slow on the uptake with regards to updating tychoish.com's new archive system. Which makes it sound as if I have something in the works, when really all I did was grep through the archives and got lists of posts that seemed relevant to a couple of key topics.

I'm not terribly keen on just throwing up an archive with links to everything, becuase there are probably getting close to 1400 entries, and I think not all of them are particularly relevant or interesting. So I guess the question is: what do you find most useful in terms of website archives, and what format works the best for you? What do you want me to do?

Also, I think we're slowly creeping up on 600,000 words in the blog, only a month or two more, I think.

Cheers, tycho