It's sometimes easy to forget all of the little things that I do during the week, and how they add up to something of note. In the moment--any moment--most things seem much smaller and much less important than they do with a little bit of perspective and when viewed out of context with coordinating achievements. So here's the highlights from last week:

I gave up on the "having two sites to maintain thing," and have merged Critical Futures into the blog/wiki. I really like this, and it gave me some time to get elbows deep into the wiki system, which means things work better, the display is a bit cleaner, my life is easier, and I'm very happy with it. Also, as part of this process I've been revising the index page, and I think it is in a state that I'm really pleased with.

Some dancing friends on Facebook said "wouldn't it be nice if there was a wiki for contra dancers." Now there is. Contra Dance Wiki is there for you all if you want it. I've done some preparatory work on the index page, and I'll continue to add things as I can.

The work I've been doing in the last few weeks with ikiwiki, both for tychoish and now for the CDW means that I'm really close to being able to share all of the assorted templates and configuration files I use to make this work. It's all in the git repository for tychoish, but I'm going to pull together a more generic version so people can get started easier. It might also make sense to write a deployment script of sorts. We'll see.

I meant to post this on Friday, but posted my review of maple morris, because I didn't want that to linger. In any case, I had a brilliant weekend singing (and dancing) in Western Massachusetts. It has however left me a bit under the weather, so I'm spending a day recovering and doing some writing. Good stuff there. I'll write about WMSHC soon.