I've been working on a paper this morning, and thus have been a somewhat lazy blogger. Here are some quick notes before I runn off to class.

  • I'm not putting up a TealArt entry this morning, and if I put something up this afternoon, it'll be a quickie. I'm going to save the knitting essays that I have written for next week, when they'll have enough time to breathe properly.
  • I got new boots yesterday that are very nice. I'm not used to wearing shoes so much.
  • I got my first feedback for the book today, and it was good. The reader picked up on some of the things that I was trying to do, and also some cool things I did without exactly intending to (not literary accidents, but not things that were in t he outline/planning). This is good news.
  • The sleeve of my sweater is about 7 inches long, and I've already started decreasing more slowly, so that the forearm isn't too narrow. The worst is over, I'll be done with it soon. Just in time to start something new.
  • Also, g-d, fire the person who came up with rain...

Cheers, and I'll be a better blogger this afternoon. It's tea and class time.