I heard back from WesternState Flagship University today.

No go.

Which is disheartening, mostly because I thought my chances were so good to begin with.

On the up side, I wasn't particularly looking forward to being in WesternState so perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Though I was really looking forward to the career possibilities that this program provided. So, yeah, a little hurt and angry, as well, frankly.

I'm beginning to think about contingency plans--of which I don't have anything particularly good--even though I still have two, technically three, applications still outstanding. The two main ones are, pretty much up in the air, which is sort of crazy.

Anyway, I have to program for a radio show that I'm doing this afternoon, and I want to knit, and tonight is the my grandfather's yahrzeit, which I think often makes this time in march more stressful than it would otherwise be.

So, I'll be in touch. You be too.

Yours in struggle, tycho