So I'm sitting here in a bit of a monetary slump, due mostly to the fact that I have to leave for a meeting that I have a big part in half an hour, and that I don't have a lot of "real" work, but a bunch of nagging things that would take more than the avilable period of time (and my web browsers being sluggish,) so all these combine to leave: blogging time. That's right, you, gentle reader, get a perfect example of the post genre "rambling, what I did today, with a tidbit of knitting commentary, and general thoughts on the state of the world."

Yeah I don't know either. Here goes.

Registration is today, I went late (to avoid long lines of freshman) but they ran out of stickers. So the whole point of registration was moot, and I don't have a sticker for this semester, and wont until wednesday, which is fine but annoying.

I got a couple books out of the library, regarding narrative and life history. So it's not quite "my area" but it's interesting, and I'll be able to exhaust them pretty quickly. I've been working on expanding my knowledge base on this, and have been collecting sources. That's been the biggest accomplishment of the day. I'm really excited about this project, and I hope I can make it work.

I went to the Add/Drop session and established a few meetings with profs about various projects and commitments. I enjoy so many of the faculty here (let us note that I almost referred to them as 'the professoriate"). The sad part of this, is I only have classes/etc with 2-3 different profs. I'm close to being done and that's exciting and a bit scary. But I'm dealing with it.

I'm a bit anxious for my books to come, they're all ordered, and this was among the cheaper semesters (it's still a bit jarring).

I haven't been on campus at all, really, yet. I like my set up, as odd as it might sound, but when I'm actually on campus I don't have a huge desire to stay. At this point, I just want classes to start, because there's a lot of uncertainty, and I think I'll feel better when I have syllabi in hand. Minor Angst

As for knitting, I've finally caught up with the book that has the pattern that I need to finish/continune working on my Faroe, and that's become my primary project (in addition to the socks.) Though there are a lot of projects hanging out on the needles around me, it's nice to be a single minded project knitter again, and I am once again reminded what a truly splendid pattern this is.

Additionally, I wrote another section of the knitting book. Woot. It was quick. They're getting easier to write, and I'm writing better content. I've laid a lot of foundation, and it's finally paying off. There's only one more "conceptual" pattern framework, but I haven't yet finished the prototype, so I'm going to hold off on that until I do, though I feel ready to write the sweater anyway.

I'm out of my stash of handspun for the handspun sweater (that's turned out to be a "knock off" in the best possible sense of a Jo Sharp design), so I need to spin more. But I'm glad that I'm at a pause in this one because it is compleatly soul sucking. It's going to be a GREAT sweater.

That is all for now.

I hope you all are well. You know, I know you're out there, you could bother to write/respond to posts and that would make me feel really happy. (hi grandma and mom, I'm not specifically talking to you two, but I like hearing from you too).

Cheers, Sam