Long story made short:

I'd been caring a moleskin around for months that was just about full and totally biting the dust. So I bought a "reporter" style notebook, because I'm lefthanded and didn't want to be constantly smearing my work.

Alas, what I didn't realize is that I mostly use it for reference, and it's hard if you have something longer in the book and have to constantly be changing the orientation of the book while you're looking for pages.

So I abandoned it, took out my pages and have given it to my mother. I got a new one.

So I'm finally done getting the past several weeks of work/notes out of it and into the computer. It was good to get the notes taken care of. Which means I'm mostly done with my work for tonight. I could rearrange some of my Geek Tool notes, and maybe make some notes for tomorrow's writing.

Also my knitting is still in the never ending hem, but I think I only have 3 more rounds before I can bind off and sew it down. Another sweater done, sans sleeves, but I'll have to do a little better with this, because I think this is going to be a brilliant sweater to wear. I'd like to note that I haven't yet started the next sweater, which shows great personal restraint on my part.

Be Well